Most of my art is related to the ocean and has been inspired by my travels and experiences surfing, diving, snorkeling and exploring the beaches and tidepools.  My latest focus has been surf art which is an expression of thankfulness to the Creator who designed each unique wave and gave us the ability to ride them.

It has been a privilege to experience surfing as a real and physical relationship to such a powerful force, challenging me to live out my faith in the same way because:

It's all about riding whatever wave He sends and each one is different!
It's all about the perseverance through the turmoil of the 'inside' to get out to the better waves.
It's all about the going over the falls and being humbled.
It's all about being held under a big set, sometimes not knowing which way is up, to make our lungs stronger.
It's all about confronting our fears so we can ride more difficult waves.
It's all about the timing, the wave comes and we respond, if we hesitate we either fall or we lose the wave.
It's all about being in the hollow of all that water wrapped around you, and standing in awe.
It's all about that stretch of faith to paddle out beyond the other surfers, because you have a feeling that there is a big set coming...
It's all about the thrill of the ride.

'Season of the Soul' 
24"x36" acrylic on canvas